Touristing in Palermo is the fruit of my experience as a traveler and as a tourist guide. Being a tourist guide gives me the opportunity to stay in touch with people from all around the world, each one carrying its own personal cultural backgrounds and different expectations about their travel. In a continuous cultural exchange, I have learned about their wish for special experiences and demands for personalized services and facilities. That’s the reason why I’ve decided to focus my activity on the town where I was born and grown up, the fascinating and attractive Palermo and to create this tool aimed to provide useful information for free independent travelers or tourists. Touristing in Palermo will allow you to really live the town despite a short stay, make unique experiences, receive useful and trusty tips and suggestions and eventually plan together tailor made itineraries.

The name TipTop it’s just a coincidence! It was born from the matching of two ideas: the acronym of Touristing In Palermo and the top that my friend and consultant for my website sketched for me on the logo; that’s how TipTop came out and it sounded really good to me as it refers to something good. That’s I love to believe that it will bring me good luck in this new experience!

Touristing in Palermo is my way to welcome you in town, make your stay easy and comfortable, highlight its beauties at my best and, if requested, guide you to catch its spirit and real essence.

There’s a phrase of Edgar Allan Poe that reflects the philosophy of Touristing in Palermo and I would like to share it with you: “Traveling it’s like dreaming: the difference is that not all, awakening, remember something while everybody keeps a warm memory of the goal from which he returned”.

I think there’s no best way to feel a place as visiting it with a local friend … and I’ll be glad to guide you around!